WCS Global Initiatives

Measures of Success

The success of each conservation enterprise as well as the overall Conservation Enterprise Development Program will be measured through the biodiversity, social, and economic returns, monitored through clear and transparent metrics

For social and economic returns, CEDP will use the Impact Reporting & Investment Standards (IRIS) which are promoted by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), a global consortium of impact investors seeking to standardize and simplify impact investment reporting. The use of IRIS metrics will also help enterprises engage future funders. Enterprises selected for CEDP support will need to commit to reporting on the 5 core Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) metrics (Revenue, # of Employees, total value of wages, additional finance mobilized and Greenhouse Gas Emissions) as well as on any additional relevant sector specific metrics as agreed upon with CEDP staff.

To measure biodiversity impact, we will draw from WCS’s own Conservation Dashboard which includes five basic measures: wildlife targets, habitat targets, level of threats, natural resource governance, and local livelihoods. In addition, each enterprise will be assigned custom metrics based on its business model and direct impacts.

Photo Credit: WCS

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