WCS Global Initiatives

Get Involved

If you are interested in supporting the Conservation Enterprise Development Program, please contact CEDP at cedf@wcs.org.

There are many ways to get involved, including:

1. Donating! 

CEDP is always in need of additional funding to better support more enterprises.

2. Volunteering Time and Expertise

Do you have business expertise that you would like to put to use for conservation?

CEDP is always looking for individuals with experience in the following areas: accounting, strategy and operations management (among others depending on the needs of the enterprises at the time).

3. Creating Shared Value (for Businesses)

Due to their remote locations, many CEDP-supported enterprises lack access to markets and rely on middlemen to purchase their goods, often at much lower, commodity pricing than their fair-trade, organic practices warrant.

Partnering with end buyers helps conservation enterprises to capture more of the value from their products and helps create stable relationships and predictable sales levels.

Your company benefits from these direct relationships with trustworthy suppliers that have the capital and knowledge to meet your needs while creating sustainable benefits for biodiversity.