WCS Global Initiatives

Select WCS-affiliated Conservation Enterprises

Over the past three decades, thanks to WCS's long-term presence and deep relationships with communities in the seascapes and landscapes where we work, WCS staff have already helped to develop small and medium enterprises that deliver livelihood opportunities as a means of advancing WCS conservation objectives.

Our affiliated enterprises—over 43 enterprises across 27 WCS priority conservation areas in Africa, Asia, and the Americas—are in large part managed by local people. They cover a diverse set of sectors from ecotourism to sustainable agriculture initiatives. 

Here are a few examples:

Sustainable Cacao Production
Madidi Landscape, Bolivia
Sansom Mlup Prey (Ibis Rice)
Northern Plains and Tonle Sap floodplain, Cambodia
Wildlife Viewing Tourism
Northern Plains, Cambodia
Western Lowland Gorilla Tourism
Republic of Congo
Xate Palm Harvesting




A complete list of WCS-affiliated enterprises can be found here: