WCS Global Initiatives

The WCS Approach

WCS's "No Net Loss" principle holds that risks to biodiversity should be balanced with equivalent conservation actions. Any negative impact on a particular habitat type or species needs to be compensated by protection of a similar habitat, or management actions that ensure benefits for the species in question.

Our approach applies the Mitigation Hierarchy to guide businesses to reduce their risks to habitats and species by avoiding and minimizing impacts first, and then applying restoration efforts to further reduce impacts. Any remaining negative impacts are offset by conservation actions that fully match the losses incurred.The end result of this process is the assurance that the overall “quantity” and “quality” of biodiversity are maintained, and conservation outcomes guaranteed over the long-term. Projects working with our BACI program can thus achieve no net loss, or a net gain for biodiversity.

To this end, we seek to:

The Mitigation Hierarchy

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IFC Performance Standard 6

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