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Conservation Trusts

Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) represent a tool for funding conservation over a long period of time, and in many cases, in perpetuity. These funds provide grants and financial support to organizations engaged in biodiversity protection and protected area management.

Supporting Biodiversity Offsets

The WCS BACI team is working to support the participation of CTF’s in the management of biodiversity offset funding and management. CTFs offer a level of accountability and transparency that is important for the private sector to ensure that the offset payments, whether structured as annual payments or as long-term financial mechanisms, are applied to meet the desired conservation objectives and deliver no net loss. WCS works with a companies and CTFs to develop systems for financing the implementation of biodiversity offsets.

Our Experience

As leaders in the conservation finance world, WCS has extensive experience developing and implementing conservation trusts. WCS is a founder and executive committee member of the Conservation Finance Alliance, and we provide leadership in the testing and evaluation of conservation trust funds worldwide. WCS publishes an annual survey, the Conservation Trust Investment Survey (CTIS) that tracks the investment performance of environmental funds around the world.

What are Conservation Trusts Funds?

Learn more about CTFs and how they are structured.