WCS Global Initiatives

Funding Conservation

Conservation success requires a long-term financial commitment. WCS's conservation strategies always include detailed financial plans to ensure that the costs of conservation are covered for as long as necessary to meet conservation and environmental goals. The BACI team has extensive experience working with the development of conservation finance mechanisms in marine and terrestrial environments worldwide.  Our experience provides us with a strong framework to support the design and implementation of long-term finance structures through financial and legal mechanisms such as conservation trusts and conservation banks.

Seychelles Islands. WCS is assisting with the development of conservation trusts worldwide, including support to the Western Indian Ocean Coastal Challenge. (Photo credit: J.Tolisano/WCS)

Jaguar in Bolivia. Our work with conservation banks includes technical support in the development of policies and standards to establish tradable credits for species and habitat conservation. (Photo: Guido Ayala/ WCS Bolivia)