WCS Global Initiatives

Sustainable Mining in Mongolia

In Mongolia, WCS is partnered with Oyu Tolgoi LLC and several local and international conservation organizations to assess the mine's impacts on biodiversity and local livelihoods and develop appropriate mitigation and offset responses..

Since beginning our work in 2010, the WCS team has completed ungulate and vegetation studies and developed a spatial modeling exercise to demonstrate how mine developments affect the movements, assemblage, and resource use patterns of ungulates living in the South Gobi desert and surrounding regions. We've assumed leadership over these ungulate surveys which provide Oyui Tolgoi with estimates of the ungulate population size and distribution as well as the distribution of wildlife and herder livestock. We are using the results from our studies to provide Oyu Tolgoi with data-driven recommendations for mitigating the impact of their mine development on ungulates.

In February 2013, Oyu Tolgoi expanded its commitment to sustainable mining. BACI, along with Sustainability East Asia, is responsible for designing and implementing biodiversity monitoring programs, establishing biodiversity value baselines and trends, informing adaptive management of mitigation and offset activities, informing the design and implementation of a full biodiversity monitoring program, and building the capacity of the Oyu Tolgoi staff through technical training and infrastructure improvements.

Learn more about WCS's work in Mongolia at: mongolia.wcs.org