WCS Global Initiatives

Empowering Others

WCS engages with stakeholders from government, business, NGOs, and civil society through a consultative process that allows us to understand the importance that biodiversity and ecosystem services hold for them, and analyze collaboratively how planned investments can best avoid and minimize impacts. We further engage stakeholders in the design of appropriate mitigation actions and offsets. This helps ensure that conditions for affected communities ultimately improve as a result of project implementation or the establishment of offsets.

When engaging with stakeholders we employ a dynamic planning and biodiversity measurement tool that gives regional and national stakeholders the means to forecast future social and environmental changes. The tool includes inputs that permit a refined understanding of natural systems; climate change scenarios; planned levels of investment in extractive activities and infrastructure development; and anticipated changes in human populations. The model relies on consultations with stakeholders to determine land use and development preferences in order to establish optimal development and conservation scenarios in the landscape.