WCS Global Initiatives

Creating Business Case Solutions

Public and private entities that want to minimize their environmental and social impacts often face a number of challenges. Many countries lack adequate national guidelines and requirements on best environmental practices, and many industry leaders don't have access to good scientific methodologies they could effectively apply in the field. With few successful large-scale models to illustrate how to apply the best practices, governments and industry may struggle to implement mitigation actions, especially where regional and national planning are poorly coordinated.

WCS responds to each of these challenges by creating and employing tools that maximize conservation outcomes in the context of economic and infrastructure development. We also provide training in the use of these tools.

What We Deliver

WCS delivers the following for business, government, and civil society:
  • Cutting edge conservation science and planning to help our partners conserve biodiversity and maintain resilient ecosystems
  • With more than 100 years of field experience worldwide, we draw on a deep understanding of countries and regions where we work to promote effective regional planning and conservation priority setting
  • We support the development of metrics to balance the biodiversity losses and gains
  • We are leading the development of metrics to measure and verify the losses and gains of biodiversity on the ground
  • We lend support in the development of national regulations that establish rules for mitigating and offsetting impacts
  • We facilitate institutional and financial support and assistance to ensure the long-term sustainability of the conservation outcomes arising from the offsetting of impacts



Environmental Impacts

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