WCS Global Initiatives

The Business & Conservation Initiative

WCS's Business and Conservation Initiative (BACI) helps project investors and developers to use the best environmental practices to avoid, minimize, restore and, if necessary, to offset their impacts to biodiversity and ecosystems in each stage of a resource development project.

We work collaboratively with governments, companies, lenders, and civil society to integrate biodiversity-friendly practices into the work of large-scale resource extraction projects.

  • Accountability to national conservation goals and local economies and values
  • Development of standards and best practices to guide investment decisions
  • Measuring risks and losses to biodiversity
  • Design of "offsets" to balance losses with conservation gains

BACI works in terrestrial and marine and environments worldwide


 In the sea
   On the land
Offshore surveys of large marine animals

Credit: T. Collins/ WCS

  Bio-monitoring and surveillance of apes, elephants and other flagship species

Credit: R. Starkey/WCS
Better understanding of coastal and terrestrial connectivity and building long-term conservation capacity
Credit: N. Nichols/WCS
  Improve tourism infrastructure and accessibility to national parks as part of long-term financing strategies
Credit: WCS Gabon


WCS Business and Conservation Program
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